Our approach

We believe your business's online identity is its most important asset.


So we won't offer you a fixed-price website package of a few templated pages or blind you with technical jargon and vague promises of "optimisation". Instead we work with you to understand what's unique about your business and design an online marketing strategy to suit it.

We believe that the internet is the most powerful marketing medium ever invented. It's totally measurable and, since what can be measured can be optimised, can be breathtakingly effective. At Firehorse Digital, we know how to harness that power.

We don't call ourselves web designers (though we can design websites) and we don't call ourselves search marketeers (though we can get you more traffic from search engines). Our approach is more holistic examining your site's ability to work for your existing and potential customers at four key stages of their customer journey:

  1. Acquisition—attracting new users to your site, usually from search engines.
  2. Engagement—retaining those users once they land on your site, by having content that obviously satisfies their need and a site structure that's easy to navigate and which works in their browser.
  3. Conversion—changing browsers to buyers (whether actual sales or just sales leads) via a great site experience and compelling content presented at relevant points of the user journey.
  4. Retention—keeping your hard-won customers by ensuring that your site remains relevant as your relationship with your customer matures and that your site ties into your email marketing strategy.

A typical client engagement begins with an in-depth audit of their existing website, assessing the site against all four key stages and outlining a strategy to deliver the client's brief. The documented output from this can include search engine key phrase analysis, usability and accessibility testing results.

It's usually written as part of a bigger project, but we are also able to offer this report as a stand-alone service for those clients with in-house teams capable of implementing its recommendations. In this instance, the report comes with a clearly laid out action plan itemising each piece of work required to deliver the strategy. The cost of a report on its own starts from £350 and depends on the size and complexity of the website. Contact us for more details and a quote for your site.